When you visit Toronto, you need to know two things: the Ontario capital has more going on than its incredibly exciting politics (thanks Rob Ford!) and there's so much more to eat than all of the maple syrup. Whatever you do, make sure you have a few days set aside for brunching -- TO gives NYC and DC competition for the best brunch city -- so you can try at least six Bloody Caesars, which might as well be the national drink of Ontario. Use the Clamato juice-drinks to wash down the maple-smoked salmon and maple bourbon bacon and shots of maple whiskey. Your only regret will be not staying longer. 

And if you want more, head to Thrillist Toronto for hot openings and the rest of our longtime favorites. 

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Sam Riches


Adelaide, Yonge, Queen
Why you're here: TO's best Italian
What you're getting: So, you’re probably going to have to wait in line at this place, but when we say it's worth the wait, we mean it, because they cook some of the city's finest Italian eats. The industrial-esque space has exposed overhead pipes, and the menu throws out high-quality 'za (from classics like salami & Napoli, to a white pizza w/ house-smoked salmon), as well as pasta dishes like their inventive dandelion & spicy sausage combo. 

Sam Riches

Pizzeria Libretto 

Ossington, Danforth
Why you're here: Thin-crust, Neapolitan-style pies 
What you're getting: Libretto's 'za is slow-risen & flash-cooked for just 90 seconds in their 900-degree wood burner. Toppings range from the classics (marinara, grilled eggplant, etc.) to more inventive numbers like duck confit & pear, while the decor itself sees the rough edge of steel chairs & bare brick walls matched with low lighting and a warm wooden bar top. 

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Financial District
Why you're here: Fine dining with a view of Toronto's most famous skyline icon
What you're getting: Canoe is located in the Financial District and there’s a reason why (it’s a bit heavy on the wallet), but if you can get over that, you'll score some of the town's best fine dining, with dishes like tea leaf-smoked duck and maple-torched salmon. You'll also be eating in a cool glass-walled room on the 54th floor of the TD Tower, sporting a view across to the giant needle of the CN.  

Sam Riches

Caplansky’s Delicatessen

Little Italy
Why you're here: Classic deli vibes in a modern space
What you're getting: Caplansky’s Delicatessen has been serving up high-end deli food to delighted meat-lovers at College & Bathurst since its opening in 2008. Thick-cut and hearty, one of the more popular numbers is Zane Caplansky’s $8 smoked-meat sandwich, while breakfast offerings include the lox, salami, egg, and latke-filled Geddy Lee special, perfect for people in a rush(!). 

Sam Riches

Oyster Boy

Trinity Bellwoods
Why you're here: Oyster-anything
What you're getting: Proudly sporting the slogan "the oyster is our world" (see what they did there? Of course you did...), this local joint ain't kidding. They've got everything from Rockefeller to Royale, as well as bivalve-stuffed tacos, lobster rolls, and of course fresh dozen platters from an ever-rotating list -- and it's all served up in a simple white-wall & wood-table setting. 

Sam Riches

The Saint Tavern

Trinity Bellwoods
Why you're here: Hearty, delicious food that stands up to the winter
What you're getting: Whether it’s the maple bourbon bacon with your brunch, the clam & bacon in your Caesar, or the bone marrow you’re having for dinner, The Saint clearly wants you to become as fat as Val Kilmer. The black-draped, diner-inspired interior adds a casual edge to the otherwise high-end hangout. 

Lady Marmalade

Lady Marmalade

Why you're here: Fancy brunch from a local icon
What you're getting: The bad news first: you’re probably going to wait in line. The good news, however, is Lady Marmalade is a local institution with incredible up-classed brunch food. Run by a brother-and-sister duo in the East End, the menu sports all the greasy-spoon staples without any of the grease. Be sure to try the poached eggs.

The Drake Hotel
The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel

West Queen West
Why you're here: Drinks on the roof of a city landmark
What you're getting: The Drake has a cafĂ©, resto, lounge & club. The real gem, though, is the rooftop patio bar, serving up a great view of the Queen West district along with drinks like Shock Top Belgian ale, drafts from local microbrewery Mill Street, and a Negroni from their barrel-aged cocktail list. 

Sam Riches

Spice Route

King West
Why you're here: Asian-inspired cocktails and sake
What you're getting: In the heart of King West, this Asian bistro bar offers a beautiful, lush, and shaded patio with impressive Asian-style stone & wood decor inside. Drinks range from the cross-pollinated mango-tamarind martini to their premium "Dragon Slayer" sake.

Sam Riches

Sneaky Dee’s

Kensington Market
Why you're here: Graffitied dive hosting local bands
What you're getting: Announcing itself as the iconic dive in TO, Dee's dark space is totally covered in graffiti and has two floors for live shows, DJ's, dancing, and $3 beers. They're extremely well-regarded in the local music scene, their nacho plates are the stuff of legend, and they're totally featured in Scott Pilgrim

Sam Riches

Horseshoe Tavern

Queen West
Why you're here: A live show
What you're getting: The Horseshoe may sound like the perfect place to get lucky, but it's far more than that -- in fact, seniority alone makes this bar worth the visit, never mind the countless iconic acts that have graced the stage of this Queen West institution. Since its opening in 1947, the spot's seen Stompin' Tom Connors, The Police, Blue Rodeo (!), Rheostatics, The Strokes, and Joel Plasket, to name a few. The relaxed front bar often hosts neighborhood regulars, with the back bar taking the big-name acts. 

Sam Riches

Bier Markt

Multiple locations
Why you're here: Brews from 150+ brands from 30 countries
What you're getting: Proudly boasting one of the most extensive beer menus in the city, Markt serves them all via a special three-gas blend used to push the brews from keg to tap, meaning it "never comes into contact with oxygen" (which is ironic seeing as you'll likely be inhaling it). The space itself has an old-world Belgian feel too, with brass fittings sitting alongside bentwood chairs, and a dark, class-laden atmosphere. 

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Get Well

Little Portugal
Why you're here: The arcade games from your childhood... for free
What you're getting: Get Well pairs the great advice imparted by its name with reasonable prices, lots of space & seating, quirky artwork, and old-school arcade machines (Tetris, pinball, etc.) that're all free to play. The craft beer menu is extensive, and even includes a house cask number. Located in Dundas West, you're also surrounded by other bars which're also deserving of your attention, incl. The Communist's Daughter, Red Light, and The Garrison, all only steps away.

Renee Suen
Renee Suen

The Gabardine

Financial District
Why you're here: Classic, OG Caesar. With so many pickles. 
What you're getting: The restaurant’s top-notch, feel-good grub is matched by similarly feel-good libations, including a Caesar in its purest form: vodka, Walter mix, fresh horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire, celery salt, and lemon. The only sort of craziness here is in the house pickles; superb specimens that might include a pearl onion, cornichon (that’s a small pickled gherkin), long bean, and a fat, juicy caper berry. We said pure, not boring.

Renee Suen

Momofuku Daisho

Financial District
Why you're here: A custom Caesar Bar
What you're getting: It’s a checklist of a million possibilities (well, more like 70,308. Yes, we calculated it.) that includes four rimmers, three base spirits (choose from vodka, bourbon, or tequila), a trio of hot sauces (including one that may entice or scare called "Burning Desire"), and a variety of condiments and garnishes. This one is rimmed with kimchi, and made with vodka, Sriracha & horseradish, then garnished with a stalk of celery, Doritos, and a D. Martin pepperette.

Renee Suen

The Federal

Little Portugal
Why you're here: Build-your-own Caesar
What you're getting: Awesome brunch and late-night snacks are the specialties at this space on Dundas West. How awesome? Check out their Caesar: a DIY number that gives you the power to spike your Walter-based drink with Bombay gin, Iceberg vodka, or El Jimador tequila. The kicker is the rimmer and garnish: Cool Ranch Doritos!

Renne Suen

Greenwood Smokehouse

The Danforth
Why you're here: A Caesar with all the smoky flavors you'd expect from a smokehouse
What you're getting: While this neighborhood smokehouse serves three Caesars, including a vegetarian version and the original (made by Christopher Johnson, aka the last bartender to sling drinks at Marco’s Italian, where the drink was invented), it’s the gilded Big Smoke that’s got folks bowing in reverence. The 20oz beast contains a double shot of house-smoked pepper and chili-infused vodka, house-seasoned Clamato, and Louisiana Gold hot sauce. It’s christened with a squeaky cheese curd, house triple-smoked bacon, a sweet sandwich pickle, smoked pepper, and lightly smoked shrimp.

Renee Suen


Harbord Village
Why you're here: Extra-spicy, extra-porky, Sunday brunch Caesar
What you're getting: This sucker's got both spiced gin and vodka, a proprietary Caesar mix (from ex-little sister, County General), and is garnished with house pickles, olives, and mammoth chicharrĂłns! It’s too bad it’s only available at Sunday brunch (but that’s when you can get this).

Renee Suen

Rock Lobster Food Co

Alexandra Park
Why you're here: They figured out how to pack bacon into all the ingredients
What you're getting: It's packed full of umami, and, oh yeah, bacon. In. Every. Form. We’re talking about bacon-infused maple Crown Royal, and bacon-infused Worcestershire, that’s been added to chipotle Tabasco, liquid mesquite, and Clamato in a glass that’s rimmed with crushed bacon and garnished with candied bacon strips.

Renee Suen

SpeakEasy 21

Financial District
Why you're here: The kitchen makes a fancy bouillabaisse for the drink
What you're getting: The city’s newest watering hole, it’s across the way from where South of Temperance used to be and a 3,500sqft patio is slated for this summer. Their version of this cocktail uses a Canadian craft Caesar mix (Walter), mixed Italian spices, and is fortified with a bouillabaisse that’s made specifically for the drink by the kitchen. No small stuff for that matter; it’s lobster stock, shrimp shells, chili, onion, and garlic. Once assembled, the drink is shaken (not stirred), then finished with a pickled green bean, and fresh ground horseradish.

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1. Terroni 720 Queen St W, Toronto, M6J 1E8

Terroni offers delectable, regional Italian dishes that have been made in the same manner for generations, including a myriad of different pizzas that are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate.

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2. Oyster Boy 872 Queen St W, Toronto, M6J 1G3

Not much needs to be said about Oyster Boy other than it is THE place in Toronto for oysters and other amazing seafood items.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
3. Pizzeria Libretto 221 Ossington Ave, Toronto, M6J 2Z8

Libretto is all about traditions: traditional Neapolitan pizza flavors, traditional ingredients, traditional wood-fired oven. Take a seat in this cozy, authentic Italian restaurant and start with the beef carpaccio or a caprese salad and then pick from a variety of gourmet pizzas like the Libretto Margherita (made with buffalo mozzarella) or the Ontario Prosciutto and Arugula. If you have meat on the brain, sink your teeth into the Nduja pizza, made with nduja sausage and stracciatella cheese. Any way you spin it, you get the satisfaction of the crisp, sweet taste of wood-fired crust with gooey cheese and fresh sauce. Before you waddle home, get the tiramisu … word on the street is it’s pretty darn good.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. The Saint Tavern 227 Ossington Ave, Toronto, M6J 2Z8

This gastropub and steakhouse also features a raw bar, plates to share, and late night and brunch menus that can satisfy even the most picky of palates.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. Caplansky's Deli 356 College St, Toronto, M5T 1S6

Caplansky's serves up house-smoked, hand-cut meats in a number of classic deli sammies for lunch, as well as a number of dinner and breakfast options to satisfy your hunger any meal of the day.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
6. Canoe Restaurant & Bar 66 Wellington St W, Toronto, M5K 1H6

Located atop the TD Bank Tower, Canoe offers amazing views and even better gourmet Canadian regional cuisine, developed by Executive Chef John Horne.

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7. Lady Marmalade 898 Queen St E, Toronto, M4M 1J3

Lady Marmalade just has a bright and welcoming sound to it, and the actual restaurant doesn't disappoint. They feature a menu loaded with excellent brunch options like baked French Toast and Buckwheat Crepes, and lunch options ranging from salads to sandwiches to soups.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
8. Horseshoe Tavern 370 Queen St W, Toronto, M5V 2A2

This legendary bar and music venue has been around since 1947 and has featured music legends like Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones and many more.

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9. Drake Hotel 1150 Queen St W, Toronto, M6J 1J3

The Drake is more than just a hotel. It features a dining room, lounge, Sky Yard outdoor space, cafe, and performance venue so you're bound to enjoy yourself no matter what venue you choose to hang at.

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10. Sneaky Dee's 431 College St, Toronto, M5T 1T1

More than just a quality Tex-Mex resto, Sneaky Dee's is also a premiere music venue that hosts a number of shows every week in their 200+ person concert hall.

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11. Bier Markt 58 The Esplanade, Toronto, M5E 1R2

With four locations, Bier Markt makes it easy to visit no matter where you are in the city. And you'll wanna visit after knowing they all feature a menu loaded with tasty meats and sandwiches, and of course, more than 150 kinds of beer.

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12. Spice Route Asian Bistro + Bar 499 King St W, Toronto, M5V 1K4

Spice Route features distinct Asian cuisine and decor, but the signature is their spiked hot and cold teas and extensive menu of cocktails for you to enjoy in their luxurious space.

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13. Get Well 1181 Dundas St W, Toronto, M6J 1X4

Featuring old arcade machines and a great selection of beers that are always changing, Get Well certainly helps you do so when you step through its doors.

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14. Rock Lobster (Queen) 538 Queen St. West, Toronto, M5V 2B5 (Toronto)

This Queens West location of the seafood favorite has twice the space with a huge wooden, maritime-themed patio, nets, and ocean-themed taxidermy. Rock Lobster sizzles up steam pots of the classic crustaceans and creates some pretty flavorful street food items like lobster tacos, corn on the cob dusted with potato chip crumbs, and bacon wrapped corn dogs.

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15. The Gabardine 372 Bay St, Toronto, M5H 1W2

Located in the heart of the Financial District, The Gabardine features an American-style menu loaded with tasty dishes from traditional mac and cheese to the untraditional Burnt Marshmallow Ice Cream Sandwich, not to mention a damn-fine Bloody Caesar.

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16. SpeakEasy 21 21 Adelaide St West, Toronto, M5H 1N1

Located in the Financial District, this restaurant/bar combo dishes out bistro fare with a huge selection of custom crafted 'tails using locally sourced ingredients (Pro tip: try the SpeakEasy Caesar).

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17. The Federal 1438 Dundas West, Toronto, M6J 1Y7 (Little Portugal)

This Little Portugal haunt does brunch better than anyone around, and to prove it, they'll mix you up their house specialty Federal Caesar, which is a Clamato-based drink w/ Bombay gin, or Iceberg vodka, or El Jimador tequila. The kicker is the garnish: Cool Ranch Doritos!

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18. Splendido 88 Harbord St, Toronto, M5S 1G5 (Harbord Village)

This upscale contemporary resto uses both traditional and modern techniques to craft their scrumptious offerings, such as their VB Burger (an 8oz ground rib steak and braised short rib patty that’s dressed with garlic mayo, red pepper jam, and melted fontina cheese on a buttery homemade brioche bun).

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
19. Greenwood Smokehouse BBQ 673 Danforth Ave, Toronto, M4J 1L2 (The Danforth)

This BBQ joint borrows flavors and cooking styles from North and South Carolina, Memphis, and Texas, making your visit here basically an international affair. And if you're a vegetarian or vegan? Don't fret, Greenwood also has offerings for you too, like their mushroom burger thats smothered in smoked pineapple-avocado salsa.



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