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Best New Restaurants 2014

The best restaurants that opened this year in 29 different cities

Assuming you leave your house from time to time (you do that, right?), and double-assuming you also sometimes leave your city from time to time (please tell us you do this, too??), and triple-assuming you only eat at the best restaurants that have opened in a given city in the last 365 days (you DEFINITELY do this), this is basically the only story you'll ever need: a 29-city guide to more than 300 of the best restaurants to open across the country.

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If you're interested in trying new things to eat in Atlanta you could just drive down Buford Highway until you find something good, or you could try cooking for yourself. Hahaha... just kidding! Definitely don't do that. Instead, try hitting ATL's 11 best new restaurants of 2014...
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Austin’s rock star chefs have been busy this year — and you’ll be busy too, eating your way through this list. From Thai to Southern to an actual Thai/Southern mash-up, you’ll be up to your ears in local, straight-from-the-farm, house-cured, fresh baked, hand-crafted goodness. Here they are, the 11 best new restaurants that opened in Austin this year...


A crazy number of new restaurants opened this year in Dallas. There’s a restaurant turning on its open sign as you’re reading this. There goes another one! Because you may not have the time/money/digestive capacity to eat at ALL of them, here is some help in the form of the 11 best restaurants that opened in Dallas this year...


Raise your hand if you gained a metric ton eating at all the amazing new restaurants that opened this year! No? Okay, well maybe you have a faster metabolism. Regardless, there was a lot of competition in 2014 – mostly because Houston is straight up killin’ it lately – but here are the 11 brightest new kids on the block, none of which are Joey...


The Restaurant Gods have looked kindly upon Louisville this year, gracing our fair metropolis with a whole ton of great new eateries. From New Orleanian to Japanese, from burgers to BBQ, these are the best new restaurants of 2014...


Miami has a lot to be thankful for in 2014: the port tunnel finally opened, we... um, finallygot rid of that LeBron guy, and, oh yeah, it’s still 80 degrees in November, which means you've got no excuse not to hit an unmarked Asian barbecue in South Beach, a steakhouse with a famous chef, or the rest of Miami's best new restaurants of 2014...


Nashville’s restaurant scene is bursting at the seams, and consequently, so are our pants -- this time last year, we turned a page in the local culinary scene with newcomers garnering national attention, and the momentum has no signs of slowing down. Keeping the score so far, here are the biggest openings this city has seen in 2014...

New Orleans

In a city like New Orleans, starting a successful restaurant can be less than easy. Still, with a lower overhead than other major American cities (yes, we mean you, New York!), combined with amazing local produce and seafood, the Crescent City has always courted new additions to its culinary scene. 2014 has been a fine testament to this tradition, with some truly outstanding new eateries looking to grab some attention. Here are the best from this year...
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New York

Despite the fact that there were a ton of awesome things to do this year, you didn't do any of them since you were mad busy marathoning House of Cards... and Homeland... and Game of Thrones... oh, and Below Deck... duuuuude and The Walking Dead (AND Sons of Anarchy [AND AND AND American Horror Story]). Make up for it by actually hitting these: NYC's 11 best restaurant openings of the year...
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The Boston restaurant scene went full throttle (not the Charlie's Angels kind) in 2014, which had hungry people racing from one new opening to the next. And it’s really, really hard to run when your stomach is full. Here are the 11 best new restaurants in town from this year, all of which you ought to be frequenting -- and if you already have, you'll want seconds...
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2014 has been a big year for Philly restaurants, so it makes sense to take a break from eating (and even more eating...) to reflect on the past year. But don't take to long 'cause if you haven't already, you still need to check out Philadelphia's 11 best new restaurants of the year...
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Washington DC

It's been a busy year for DC dining, but as the year draws to a close, it's a good time to take a break from eating (and more eating... ) and reflect. But not too long of a break, because you're going to want to get yourself to these places if you haven't already. Here they are, the 11 best new restaurants in DC for 2014...
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Because you deserve more than some embarrassing little list of 10 of the best new restaurants of the year in Chicago, here's a list of... 11! From a dinner spot with bacon-studded baked potato bing bread to an alleyway BBQ joint doing the ultimate Frito pie, your eating-out itinerary just got infinitely awesomer...


It seems like every year, eating in Detroit gets better and better (though some things never change). 2014 was no exception. Get yourself to the best places that opened this year as you build up a protective layer of warmth for winter. And if you've already been, these are 11 you'll want to be visiting again...


Of all the things people in the Twin Cities love, the thing they love the most must be new restaurants because according to the Star Tribune 133 of 'em will open in MSP this year. That means to decide which ones are best, you'd have to eat at a new place every 2.7 days... or just wait for us to assemble this list of the 11 best new restaurants of 2014...
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Jeff Miller

Los Angeles

Because only a crass heathen would give you a list of the 10 best restaurant openings of 2014 in LA, here are... 11! And they're all totally awesome, and filled with 24oz oyster jus-grilled ribeyes, carnitas pizzas, and more...
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San Francisco

For those of you who skipped reading all of our San Francisco restaurant content this year in hopes that we'd just round up the best stuff at the end of the year: you're all assholes. Very, very smart assholes. Here are the 11 best restaurant openings in SF in 2014...


2014 was a big year for new restaurants in Denver, and luckily there's still some time left this year for you to eat at all of these places before your resolutions enter the picture -- which you'll break anyway, so really it doesn't matter. The point is, you should fill your belly at these 11 restaurants, as they are the best that opened in Denver this year...

Las Vegas

If there's one thing you can say definitely about Vegas, it's that things change a ton over the course of a year. Luckily, that means in 2015 there will be... um, no more Britney Spears (hopefully!), and there will definitely be a slew of epic new restaurants, at least if this list of the 11 best new restaurants of 2014 is anything to go by...
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Because only a complete sucker would publish a list of The Valley's 10 best bar & restaurant openings from 2014... we're giving you 11. That's right, from Mexi-Asian fusion to BBQ to ramen-bunned burgers, here are the almost-dozen best new spots to hit Phoenix this year...


It's been a good year for eating in PDX (well, actually, they all are, because... brunch, brunch, and still more brunch!), but do you know how to make it the BEST year ever? By eating at all 11 of Portland's best new restaurants of 2014, obviously...
Sara Norris

San Diego

2014 was a good year to be eating in San Diego (well, actually, they all are, because... burritos!) But did you make it the BEST it could be? If you tried all 11 of these new restaurants, odds are you did pretty well for yourself. Here they are, the best new restaurants in San Diego from this year...
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Sure, Seattle may have a few problems, but a lack of new restaurants opening isn't one of them... however, picking the ones that are actually worth trying can be. If only someone would, like, assemble a list of Seattle's best new restaurants of 2014 or something. Oh, wait...
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It’s been a pretty glorious year for Amsterdam's restaurant-goers, and amongst all those new eateries, here are our 11 picks for the restaurants destined to stick around and change the face/waistline of the city’s food scene for a long time to come...


It can be hard to keep up with the constantly shifting culinary landscape of Berlin, unless that is, you just happen to have an accessible, informative, and frankly gorgeous-looking guide to the 11 best new restaurants of the year... which you do! Read on for the best almost-dozen new eateries to hit the city this year...


The year is coming to a close, so it’s clearly about time we put together a list of the 11 most important restaurants that 2014 has bequeathed to the capital...
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So far this year, 179 new restaurants have opened in Montreal; this translates roughly to a new place every two days... so it’s amazing you look as svelte as you do. But it also means there’s some cutthroat competition out there too, so we took a look back, and figured out which ones truly were at the top of the food chain...


In Paris, there are a few things that you will always be able to expect: public transportation strikes, the smell of baguettes at 6am, and tons of restaurant openings. Helping you out with one of those (hint: prepare to smell fresh bread in front of an unopened Metro station), we've brought you a list of the 10 most important eatery openings of 2014...


2014 was a good year for restaurants. Openings in Toronto seemed like a daily, maybe even hourly occurrence -- but not every new spot is equally deserving of your hard-earned dollars -- so please allow us to direct you to the 11 most commendable eateries to cut the ribbon this year...