9 Taco Bell Hacks You'll Be Pissed You Didn't Know

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Cole Saladino/Thrillist
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

A good Taco Bell hack is not when you open up your laptop and somehow gain unauthorized access to its crazy Food Development Lab. We don't want you to go to jail for that! Instead, use these perfectly legal Taco Bell hacks to add new flavor combinations to your fourth meal. If you thought the only interesting food to order at Taco Bell were these 47 items, you're wrong.

We'll teach you how to improve the nachos 1,000%, how to get a discount on a bunch of menu items by using the Taco Bell app smartly, and why you don't need to go to the Amerimexichain's Las Vegas location to enjoy a super boozy treat.

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Download the app, game the system, save big

The YouTube Scam School fellas figured out that by going into the Taco Bell app and making modifications on menu items, you can save some dough. For example, did you know you can make a Quesarito by modifying a Beefy Fritos burrito? Yeah, and it's $.60 cents less. It adds up!

MacGyver some brunch nachos

A tip straight from Taco Bell's Snapchat, this is what you need to do in order to do brunch correctly. We'd also recommend adding a side of that hash brown patty thing they've got going. Yeah, it's the 47th best thing on the menu, but it'd taste delicious with these nachos.

1) Order triple layer nachos
2) Subtract red sauce
3) Add three cheese blend
4) Order mini skillet bowl
5) Order side of guacamole
6) Spread contents of mini skillet bowl on nachos
7) Spread guac on nachos

Fashion an Overloaded Potato Soft Taco

Behold! Another great menu hack from the Taco Bell Snapchat. Potatoes are low key one of the best ingredients in the TB arsenal, so a soft taco with a ton of taters? Thumbs up. And it's vegetarian, too. Here's how to do it.

1) Order Spicy Potato Soft Taco
2) Substitute plain lettuce for romaine lettuce
3) Add Premium Latin Rice
4) Add guacamole
5) Add pico de gallo

Taco Bell + panini press = genius

As the site 22 Words discovered by looking at GateShow_'s Twitter, panini pressing your Taco Bell meal is an easy way to improve it. Imagine what you could do with a waffle iron!

Get magical with the Unicorn Slush

Delish spotted this colorful slush made of multiple Freezes combined into one cup. And you don't have to pay for individual Starburst Strawberry or Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freezes when you get 'em all together!

Make your own damn Lava Sauce

Taco Bell won hot heads over with its spicy Lava Sauce. Then it discontinued it. Then brought it back for a limited time. It's a roller-coaster of emotions, but thanks to this move originally spotted by our pals at Delish, you can engineer your own lava flow. Here's what you do: order a side of nacho cheese and grab a bunch of Fire sauces from the condiment bar. Swirl at least 2-3 Fire sauces into the nacho cheese, and add it to any menu item. Boom.

Engineer a Chicken Bacon Ranch Gordita Crunch

Use the power of the item substitution to make the Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch into something far more ranchy than nacho cheesy. Taco Bell's Snapchat gives easy instructions on how to make this one:

1) Order Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch
2) Substitute beef for chicken
3) Substitute Nacho Cheese shell for Cool Ranch shell
4) Add bacon

Dorito-ify your nachos

As Twitter user CorinnLight told the world, you can sub Doritos into any nacho dish for free. And thus, the Nachos Bellgrande becomes grande-er.

Create a new dessert using the Starburst Freeze

Grab a package of strawberries and ice cream from your kitchen in order to take TB's Starburst Strawberry Freeze to a whole 'nother level. Here's how Taco Bell's Snapchat says to do it:

1) Order Starburst Strawberry Freeze
2) Add two scoops of vanilla ice cream
3) Add cut up strawberries
4) Drizzle strawberry syrup on top

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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer at Thrillist, and needs to make a TB run soon. Follow him to Crunchwraps @LeeBreslouer.