Every Recreational Cannabis Delivery Service, by State

Now kick back, and wait for your greens to come to you.

Thrillist/Maitane Romagosa
Thrillist/Maitane Romagosa

Across all the tendrils of the cannabis industry to have taken root since legalization, delivery has had a harder time than most. Legislators’ fears around the risks of selling cannabis from a physical dispensary are compounded at the idea of 22-year-old budtenders driving weed to nice, family-filled neighborhoods all over the states, resulting in a shockingly small handful of states with legal delivery services. Of the 11 states (plus Washington, D.C.) in which adults can legally enjoy cannabis, you can only order it to be delivered in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Michigan. For now.

The boom in delivery services following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has not escaped the cannabis industry. Quarantine shopping has helped the industry pull through the last six weeks, allowing dispensaries in those states to cash in on the lucrative combination of a contagious outbreak, stay-at-home ordinances, and a collective anxiety attack. Unlike bars struggling to fathom a fiscal year without St. Patrick’s Day, those shops were able to make as much, if not more, this April 20 pot holiday. Numerous small businesses like Oregon delivery service Kush Cart are able to afford benefits like paid sick leave to their employees for the first time. In March, Governor Whitmer signed an executive order that allows all licensed recreational dispensaries in Michigan to perform delivery services, waiving the usual red tape in efforts to make their industry safer, faster. If there’s one takeaway to glean from watching legislators during this pandemic, it’s that they are finally acknowledging that weed is the least scary of their problems. 

So, to keep you safely medicated and recreated at home, we’ve put together a guide of every delivery service in the states that currently allow delivery. Note that the delivery ranges, rules, and time frames vary widely, with most cities deciding their own rules of operation within state laws. For example, Portland, OR, is militant about delivering only to residential addresses — college dorms, hotels, or senior communities are no-no’s. As are any deliveries after 8pm. But head south to California, and those requirements for residential addresses loosen. In Las Vegas, you can order a legal weed delivery at 3 am. We recommend calling the service before making an online order. 

Navigating this guide
Click through to the state you're looking for. Those marked with an * indicate a brick-and-mortar dispensary that also delivers. We’ll update this list as states come online.

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Lauren Yoshiko is a Portland-based writer and co-host of Broccoli Magazine's podcast, Broccoli Talk. She was among the first journalists to cover the commerce and culture of cannabis starting in 2014 and her work has since appeared in Willamette Week, Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Broccoli Magazine, among others. Follow her on Instagram at @laurenyoshiko for Portland breakfast sandwich recs, stoned nail art, and moderate cat content.