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Here's What You Should Smoke Outside This Winter

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It's getting chilly out there. Days are colder. Christmas cookies are tempting us from every corner. There's way too much holiday shopping to be done. It can be hard to get up, get out, and get active. But fear not! Certain marijuana strains are great for getting in the holiday spirit or beating the winter blues.

Whether you're planning on hitting the slopes, hosting a gift exchange, or simply tromping through the snow, here are just a few Leafly user-recommended strains perfect for wintertime activities.

For snow sports

Durban Poison | "I smoked this on a fresh ½-ft powder day skiing on the mountain and I'll just say that I've never had any spiritual experience like this before." -- showell961

Bubba Kush | "I just got back from a day of snowboarding…it completely eliminated the soreness." -- JaredBrueckner

Maui Wowie | "I've smoked this strain hiking, and fully connected with Mother Nature. I could feel the peace around me…snow would drop from the trees and lightly fall on my face. I watched a deer run past me with a confused look on his face, and enjoyed watching him, wondering what it was like to be him." --EntropicFlower

For snow leisure

Northern Lights | "Awesome strain, made me feel adventurous as I traversed through the snow and started messing around in the snow with my friends like little kids." -- burnholesinmymemory

Sour Diesel | "We were all walking in the snow, I felt like I was in a winter f****** wonderland or some shit. Everything was so vivid." -- hemispheres2112

Blue Dream | "Feels like you're Christopher Walken in a Winter Wonderland." -- FoolofaTook

For getting out of the house

Super Silver Haze | "This one keeps away the winter blues, SAD, and depression." -- avonsac

Kali Mist | "I first felt it in my face, but instead of the pressure behind the eyes I got a warm glowing sensation under my eyes on top of my cheeks. Next as it spread over my body I became extremely euphoric and talkative. I also became very energetic which was perfect as we decided to walk old Amsterdam and with the Kali Mist in my system…the exciting hustle and bustle made for a memorable experience." -- London_1985

Jack Herer | "Gets you out of the house to get some vitamin D and beat the winter blues." -- Puffalo

For après-activity coziness

Master Kush | "I get couched easily, but this had me in the kitchen, cooking dinner, playing my songs through my speakers on full blast." -- arp716

Raspberry Kush | "Such a cozy, creative high. The flavor of smoke is so yummy and smooth. One hit, and it's like being snuggled in blankets with a warm cup of tea." -- StarlingDarling

Alice in Wonderland | "Endless rainy days and nights getting to you? Us too, but not after a couple of inhalations of this. It simply does all the things a strong sativa-dominant hybrid should do…Perfect for those endless winter days." -- lamabso

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