A UK Restaurant Is Serving Period Pancakes for Feminism and (Possibly) Vampires

red velvet pancakes topped with tampon-shaped macaron, beside a Bloody Mary in a glass

We all know that Bloody Marys are a classic beloved brunch standby, but the hemo hype hasn’t seemed to catch on to the rest of the Sunday morning lineup. That is until The Book Club in east London has committed to the culinary theme for a cause.

The Shoreditch restaurant has a Big Bloody Brunch in the works for March 3-10. This involves offering a menstruation-minded menu. They’ll be serving up red velvet pancakes topped with realistic-looking tampon-shaped macarons, and (of course) Bloody Marys.

Fifteen percent of the proceeds from limited-time pancakes will go to the Big Bloody Brunch period charity organization, which works to destigmatize talk about periods and provide feminine hygiene products to women who can’t afford them.

The charity found in its research that period shame is rampant (surprise, surprise), both ideologically and physically. About half of people in the UK consider periods disgusting, 69% wish society was more comfortable with the taboo topic, and almost a third of women can’t afford pads and tampons, requiring many of them to miss school or work.

Of course, this is not an issue exclusive to Europe. Women on the other side of the Atlantic, and all over the world, feel pressure to stay silent about that time of month. President Trump himself has been known to period shame. Plus in most US states, feminine hygiene products are subject to a sales tax unlike many other basic necessities -- US
organizations focusing on this social issue include PERIOD and Girls Helping Girls.

Wherever in the world you are, we’d say this is a cause worth raising a glass of vodka and tomato juice to and supporting.

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Alex Erdekian is an editorial assistant at Thrillist.