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Here's Which Bread Brands Might Be Tainted with Glass Shards

Published On 08/27/2015 Published On 08/27/2015

One of the hallmarks of sliced bread -- and most other foods -- is that it doesn't have tiny fragments of broken glass embedded in the crust. At least, unless that bread comes from Bimbo Bakeries, which just issued a voluntary recall of nearly 45,000 bread products in 11 states, owing to the possibility that they might be contaminated by small shards of glass from a broken light bulb.

The recall covers a range of products from Sara Lee, Great Value, Nature's Harvest, Kroger, L'Oven Fresh, and of course Bimbo itself, and while there aren't any reported injuries yet, there have been three separate reports of glass pieces found on the outside of the bread.

Now, granted, it's only from one broken light bulb, but considering how much glass we're used to expecting in our bread (none), that's a ton of glass. Customers who've purchased bread products with "best by" dates from Aug 29th to Sept 1st in the affected states (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, OH, SC, TN, VA and WV) are encouraged to return them to their stores for a full refund.

Or, if you're used to finding dangerous objects in your food, you can turn it into a fun/stressful game! Up to you, really.

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