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Spreadable beer lets you add ale to your toast

Published On 09/13/2013 Published On 09/13/2013

It's tough being a beer enthusiast around breakfast time. Your liquor-loving pals can drink Bloody Marys or mimosas and call it brunch, but all of a sudden it's weird if you order a Triple IPA with your hashbrowns. Well thanks to some Italian geniuses, there's another way to enjoy your ale in the AM: on your toast. Birra Spalmabile, or spreadable beer, is the lovechild of chocolate makers Napoleone and brewery Alta Quota. Apparently this glorious invention was the result of some friendly trash-talking. See, the co-founder of Alta Quota was already pals with the owner of Napoleone and one day the dude started chiding her, saying it would be so easy to eat beer instead of drink it since it was just a matter of thickening. The brewmasters started doing lab experiments, and eventually came back with Birra Spalmabile. (And presumably blared this in front of that Napoleone guy as they made the big reveal.) The stuff comes in two sudsy varieties, Omid dark ale and Greta blond ale. Each 280g jar contains a smooth, sweet, and beery spread that can go on your toast, or even be used to bake cakes and tarts. You know what that means: better put in your international orders now so you start perfecting your homemade blonde ale pound cake in time for that potluck.