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Bong-smoked oysters are a thing, and you can make them

Published On 05/12/2013 Published On 05/12/2013
Bong Smoked Oysters - Equipment

For most people, getting inventive with a bong means tossing some mostly-dead flowers in it when mom shows up unexpected. For Peter Gevrekis, it means making dinner. Or at least an appetizer

Back in 2008, Peter decided that his love for smoked oysters could no longer be sated by the canned joints from the supermarket, and decided to get smoking himself at his NYC restaurant Desnuda. What he came up with is maybe the coolest way to cold-smoke an oyster ever devised: a friggin' gravity bong. And now he's here to show you how to do it, too

The first thing you need is that gravity bong. If you don't have one, stop reading, narc!!! it's simple enough -- just go to any friendly neighborhood head shop and grab a slide/carb, then attach it to a soda bottle you've sliced in half. Then fill some sort of vessel with water -- this is just a flower vase he picked up at a hardware store. Now let's smoke some oysters

You'll need East Coast oysters, as they've got just the right amount of "brine and wetness". Peter rolls with Beausoleils

Next, find yourself some lapsang souchong tea and Sichuan peppercorns. Other teas don't stand up to the oyster as well, and it's actually not as hard to find as the name would lead you to believe. Even Twinings makes it

The lemon is very key. Hit the oyster with it, and its sweet acid flavor will act as a "power cleanse" that's crucial to balancing out the smokiness. When they implemented the lemon at the restaurant, it went from half the customers liking the dish to nearly 100%

You'll need something to trap the smoke along with the oyster; they use individual butter dishes from Crate & Barrel

You're all set -- just fire it up..

... trap a couple of long pulls in the dome..

... and let it hotbox for about a minute, because oysters are so porous that's about all you'll need

Release the smoke and slurp it up

And that's how that's done


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1. Desnuda 221 S 1st St, Williamsburg, NY 11211 (Williamsburg)

This Williamsburg outpost serves up traditional Peruvian ceviche, creative pisco cocktails, and signature gravity-bong smoked oysters. The main focuses at this date spot, however, are the daily oyster happy hours and extensive South American wine selection.



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