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This restaurant is campaigning to be the worst on Yelp

Usually when a customer calls your place a "a ghetto kitchen trailer", you take offense. But not if you're Botto Bistro co-owner Davide Cerretini. In a large-scale attempt to mock Yelp, and also get removed from the site, Cerretini is begging customers to give his spot enough vicious reviews to become Yelp's "worst restaurant in the San Francisco area". So far, he's well on his way.

Cerretini says he staged the stunt after noticing a weird pattern on the website. Whenever he caved to Yelp's sales team and bought ad space, his restaurant reviews skewed positive. But when he opted out, the ratings tended to be more negative. These shady (supposed) practices didn't sit well with Cerretini, so now he's just openly messing with the company. His fans have been down with the bashing since day one -- hop over to Botto Bistro's Yelp page right now and you'll find people complaining about the place being "too fast", "too tasty", "in California", and "actually a chicken pie shop".

Need incentive to write a blistering review yourself? Botto Bistro is offering a 25%-off deal to anyone who gives them a one-star write-up. Finally, your large bank of expletives and synonyms for "gross-ass" is going to pay off.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and has proudly never written a Yelp review in her life. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.