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Fascist Aussies ban cafe from cooking bacon

Considering we had a dockside riot when someone tried to mess with our tea, the world knows better than to mess with America's bacon. Sadly those same civil liberties do not apply in Australia, where a cafe is being told it can't serve bacon because of a fussy bridal store upstairs. Thanks a lot, marriage.

The "offending" place is Gramercy Coffee, a Brisbane breakfast spot located underneath Winnie Bridal in the Wintergarden centre. Apparently bacon aromas were wafting their way through the AC vents to the bridal shop, to owner Michael Yeung's inexplicable displeasure. He sent off a letter to the Wintergarden management, and now Gramercy has to strike bacon from its menu entirely to keep the peace. Though Yeung is conveniently declining to comment, a rep for Wintergarden claims that cooking bacon "is not and has never been permissible" in Gramercy's lease, which leads us to wonder just how broken real estate is Down Under. While Aussies patiently wait for a noble politician to push for reform, make sure to send some porky care packages to those unfortunate souls. They're under the mercy of some next-level bridezillas.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks all bridal shops should offer bacon samples. Follow her to synergetic business plans at @kristin_hunt.