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This Brussels Sprout Prank Will Ruin Everyone's Halloween

While those longstanding urban legends about people poisoning Halloween candy and passing it out are largely a bunch of BS, there is real evil lurking around us. And it involves the cruelest possible Halloween prank: chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts.

Behold UK journalist Mark Sparrow's idea to use Brussels sprouts and chocolate to create a delicious-looking cocoa-based snack… until you open it up.

And as you might expect, after posting this, some people on the internet took umbrage with Sparrow's hilarious idea, and let him know he was a horrible man for thinking about possibly subjecting children to such a prank. Doesn't he know making kids cry on Halloween is Jimmy Kimmel's job?

For a less creepy trick that's still sure to disappoint anyone knocking on your door for free candy, just fill up a candy bowl with a bunch of toothpaste like this smart aleck on Imgur.

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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and would like a Snickers right now. Follow him to chocolate bars @LeeBreslouer.
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