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Burger King Brings Back Cheesy Tots (and Napoleon Dynamite)

The best part of school lunch was always eating tater tots, followed by not getting beat up by your middle-school bully Andy. Perhaps that last part was just us. Capitalizing on your nostalgic love of that beloved childhood food, Burger King is reintroducing its Cheesy Tots for a limited time.

BK discontinued the deep-fried cheesy potato bites back in 2009, much to the anger of social media. But thanks to the incessant drumbeat of people demanding the King return the potato bites to the kingdom, the tots are back.

To help the fast-food chain remind you that Cheesy Tots are here once again, BK has a new commercial featuring noted tots lover of the silver screen, Napoleon Dynamite (actor Jon Heder), and his pal Pedro (Efren Ramirez). Watch it, and then go and get some tots.

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Lee Breslouer is a senior writer for Thrillist, and loves him some tater tots. Follow him to excellent food choices @LeeBreslouer.