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Burger King introduces lower-cal, crinkle cut "Satisfries"

Published On 09/24/2013 Published On 09/24/2013
Burger King Satisfries

Someone might need to sit BK down and have a talk with them about their French fry practices pretty soon, because these guys are going a little bit Seal-style crazy. First they slapped some fried taters on a burger and sold it for a buck, and now they're debuting fancier, hilariously-named versions of their French fries dubbed "Satisfries"


The Satisfries claim to have 40% less fat and 30% less calories than the stuff at Mickey D's, but will be definitely more satisfying because IT'S IN THEIR NAME, DAMMIT! Also, diet fries come at a price: these guys will go for about 20-30ยข more than the regular BK fries, which'll still remain on the menu. Satisfries go on sale starting today, so if you wanna try some slightly less greasy fast food fries, hop in a drive-thru now.



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