Burger King Japan's new Black Ninja Burger has a creepy bacon tongue, naturally

You know how ninjas are always sneaking around in their sleek black outfits, karate chopping targets and wagging their freakishly long tongues around like much stealthier Mileys crossed with ninja Michael Jordans? Not so much the last part? Yeah, we're not sure where that came from, either, but apparently Burger King Japan has been laboring under some bizarre delusions. (Much like its KFC counterpart.) BK Japan's new Kuro Ninja or "black ninja" burger banks pretty hard on that odd ninja concept with a big old bacon "tongue"

The Kuro Ninja features a black bun, which, like the inaugural Kuro Burger, gets its color from bamboo charcoal. But BK Japan took the weirdness up to 11 by adding a strip of "King's Bacon" sticking out of one side like a tongue, harkening back to the ninja tradition of taunting their enemies with a devastating nanny nanny boo boo chant, or something. You also get "wide-size" hash browns, onions, lettuce, mayo, and a Chaliapin sauce on this dealie, going on sale October 25.

Burger King Japan Kuro Ninja
Burger King Japan

Oh, and if you're feeling like a big spender, go for the medium or large meal to score these free ninja stickers! Never change, Japan. Never change.