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Burger King Will Let You Exchange Your Crappy Christmas Gifts for a Whopper

The day after Christmas is all about basking in the holiday glow of family, reminiscing on the previous day's festivities, and desperately trying to return the pile of bullshit your relatives bought you because they have horrible taste and think you are still a 7-year-old girl, for some reason. 

Burger King is going to make that awkward day of exchanges a little easier.

On December 26th in a few select locations (Miami, London, and Brazil), Burger King is letting customers exchange their unwanted gifts for a flamin'-hot Whopper. The presents in question will be donated to charity, too -- so it's all for a righteous cause.

If you don't live in Miami, London, or Brazil -- and frankly, most of the Earth's population doesn't -- you can still get in on the action. The first 100 fans to post a picture of themselves, an unwanted gift, and the #WhopperExchange tag will get "...a surprise from the Burger King brand's social media accounts," according to a press release by the company.

We can only imagine the whimsy and holiday magic in store from Burger King's social media accounts.

Cynicism aside, this promotion at least lets you get rid of your holiday returns in a constructive way, and actually lets you give your unwanted presents to the needy. Also, you get a cheeseburger. Everyone wins. Except McDonald's... I guess. 

Please note, this isn't the first time Burger King has had people do weird stuff in the name of a free Whopper -- remember its Machiavellian "Whopper Sacrifice" campaign?

And since Hanukkah overlaps with Christmas this year, you'll only have the opportunity to exchange the first two nights' presents for a Whopper. So make sure your Uncle Leo saves the good shit for the third one.

It also does not specify if Festivus presents are eligible, so we are just going to go ahead and assume they definitely are.

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