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Burger King Is Paying for Mr. Burger and Ms. King's Wedding

Published On 04/07/2015 Published On 04/07/2015

Usually the bride's parents have the happy task of paying for their daughter's expensive big day. But not if you're Ashley King. The bride and her fiancé Joel Burger recently learned that Burger King would be covering all their wedding expenses, in a nod to their synergetic last names.

When the couple got engaged earlier this year, they made their announcement via a photo of them posed in front of a BK sign. The local news picked it up, and soon so did half of the Internet. By that point, the brass at Burger King knew what was going on, and decided to make the pair an offer they couldn't refuse. While Burger and King had merely hoped for some company-endorsed koozies to hand out as favors to their guests, the company did them one better by offering to pay for the whole shebang. Come July 17th, Joel and Ashley will be wed in a completely BK-sponsored ceremony/reception in Jacksonville, IL. (The chain will also present them with some gifts, so don't even think about claiming that milkshake machine off their registry.) It's a pretty sweet deal and one that gives hope to countless Mr. Tacos and Ms. Bells out there.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would be willing to change her last name for a comped wedding. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.



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