Burger King's New Double Cheeseburger Is Piled High With Onion Rings and Bacon

Courtesy of Burger King
Courtesy of Burger King

While the entire fast food industry is fighting over fried chicken sandwiches, Burger King is capitalizing on its tried and true: the cheeseburger. On Monday, the chain quietly unveiled its latest beef creation on Instagram, the Rodeo Stacker King. 

BK's signature sesame seed bun is, for lack of a better word, stacked with two patties, cheese, bacon, an entire layer of onion rings, and two kinds of sauce -- BBQ and Stacker Sauce. According to Delish, the latter is a ketchup, mayo, and sweet relish combo.

Though it's new for the masses, the Rodeo Stacker King actually made its debut last spring on a limited basis. Per Chew Boom, the burger was first sampled in test markets and was clearly a success. Then again, how can you go wrong with a cheeseburger stacked with onion rings? Oh, that's right. You can't.

For the vegans out there, sorry no, this one's got real meat and cheese. But fear not. Burger King has an entire lineup of plant-based options headed your way. In November, the chain announced three Impossible Meat additions testing at 180 restaurants across Milwaukee, Cedar Rapids, Augusta, Cincinnati, and Buffalo.

Just because you're not in one of the aforementioned areas doesn't mean you won't get a taste of the Impossible Burger, Impossible Cheeseburger, and Impossible Whopper Jr., though. As evidenced by the Rodeo Stacker King, these test phases are usually a pretty good indication of an upcoming national launch.

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