Burger King unveils $1 French Fry Burger, throws shade at Dollar Menu


Since McDonald's creepy clown and Burger King's creepy monarch have somehow never done a celebrity boxing match, BK is resorting to sneakier slams with a new "French Fry Burger" for only a buck. That's right, Dollar Menu, consider yourself on blast. This new creation will officially debut on September 1, and stay on through the Fall. Really it's just a beef patty with four fries on top, but it's got the cheap novelty thing going for it, so people will probably focus on that. As for nutritional info, the French Fry Burger will have 360 calories and 19 grams of fat. This guy is all part of Burger King's master plan to strike back against the Dollar Menu, which now boasts a Grilled Onion Cheddar Burger as well as a "more substantial" McDouble. BK is hoping the French Fry Burger, plus their new two-sandwiches-for-$5 and Junior-Whooper-for-$1.29 deals, will boost cholesterol business.

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