E very great quest needs a goal. Frodo's was to destroy the ring. Link's was to find Zelda. Mine is to destroy my body while finding the greatest burger in America. 
As our chief burger obsessive and co-writer of our 33 Best Burgers in America articles, I've always longed to do something more comprehensive. So I mentioned the idea of traveling all over the country to find the best burger to my boss. And somehow, instead of laughing at me, he asked me to come back with a more comprehensive plan. And so I did, and here we are.  
The plan is simple: I'm traveling to 30 cities (or, in some cases, regions) across the country, and eating eight to 14 of the best burgers in and around those cities. I am aiming for a mix of old-school spots and modern joints, looking for the best classic cheeseburger in America. It can be a modern update to that concept or a riff on it, but this will not be a list of truffle or bison burgers. 
Andy Kryza/Thrillist



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