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Definitive Proof Butter Is Better Than Margarine

Published On 10/08/2015 Published On 10/08/2015

For me, the margarine v. butter debate was never a debate at all. I'm a butter man, through and through. My father was a butter man, as was his father before him. The mere mention of margarine or (shudder) that faux-butter stuff Fabio hawked was met with utter disgust in my house -- and I'm a better person for it.

Still, there is a healthy constituent of margarine enthusiasts out there who beat their chests and decry that butter is evil in dairy form. But the mastermind behind the renowned restaurant Noma, René Redzepi (you may know him as the chef who thinks we should be snacking on live ants) has once again turned to the natural world for culinary purposes -- this time, for advice.

As you can see, the ants marched past the margarine, and (obviously) the low-fat butter substitute to get straight to the good stuff. The point Redzepi is trying to make here: the natural world can eschew fad diets, mob mentality, and marketing buzz to gain a clean perspective on what is really beneficial for our bodies. And even though an ant's body chemistry doesn't exactly align perfectly with our own, it's been perceived that natural fats can actually be less harmful to our bodies than trans-fats.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern host... um, Andew Zimmern... agrees with the insect-based result, showing his support for Redzepi and going au natural in the kitchen. And this is coming from someone who's definitely eaten an ant or two.

There you have it. I recommend you all find the nearest tub of margarine and promptly destroy it by any means necessary. Preferably, fire.

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