Butterfinger made a peanut butter cup. But is it better than Reese's?

All Photos: <a href="https://twitter.com/addzim" target="_blank">Andrew Zimmer</a>
All Photos: <a href="https://twitter.com/addzim" target="_blank">Andrew Zimmer</a>

Every once in a while, some brave soul decides to take on a monster. Today, that brave soul is Butterfinger, and the monster is Charlize Theron. Just kidding -- it's Reese's. 

That's right -- early next year, Butterfinger will release its very own peanut butter cup, and if Bart Simpson were relevant today, he'd probably say something about not having a grass-fed cow, man. And then about how you should never lay a finger on his Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cup. And then be, like, watch my show, please.

We got four of our hungriest employees to give a full test of the new jack upstart vs. the timeless candy-rack stalwart -- from unwrapping, through side-by-side tasting, all the way to a final take on which was more delicious.  

butterfinger peanut butter cup reese's

Jenna, Account Strategist: “These are a really crazy shape. Definitely different from the peanut butter cup shape I’m so used to, but I think I can get behind it. Do you get more for your cup? If you get more for your cup, then I’m a big fan. You know those commercials when you were little where you make the glasses out of them? You probably can’t do that with these.”

Ken, Tech Lead, User Experience: "You definitely get more for your cup -- there’s no way around it. No extra wrapper, and that’s huge. Open and consume. I feel like there’s a lot of people who forget to unwrap a Reese’s and end up eating paper. Also these are perfectly manufactured, so there’s no stuff on top. Mold technology has clearly increased in recent years.

butterfinger peanut butter cup reese's

Ted, Executive Editor, Supercompressor.com: “Interesting. They’re square-ish. Not sure how I feel about that. Did they legally have to make them square? It’s like the Wendy’s of peanut butter cups. And they’re tapered -- it’s like a Macbook Air. I don’t like the fact that there’s no paper wrapper. I feel like when I unwrap a Reese's, I’m the first person to touch it.”

Andrew, New York Editor: “I like it, structurally. It looks cooler to me. I don’t like that you probably can’t play with it; since it looks more structurally sound, you can’t push out the middle. I don’t really care about the wrapper either way. No. I take it back. I like it without the wrapper, so, the Butterfinger. I feel like when I pull the wrapper off a Reese’s, sometimes I lose some chocolate.”

butterfinger peanut butter cup reese's

Ken: “I expected it to be crunchier. Look at the color different there. There is way more peanut butter here. But I can’t help but go right back to the Reese’s. It’s not a Reese’s. I can’t believe they wanted to mess with Reese’s.”

Jenna: “They do say ‘smooth and crunchy’ on the wrapper, and they deliver on that. The color reminds me of mac and cheese, in a good way. The Reese’s is a lot saltier, and I like its creamy peanut butter. Maybe I’m scared of something new, I don’t know. This is like Reese’s for beginners. I’ve been in a lot of focus groups.”

butterfinger peanut butter cup reese's

Ted: “I want it to be crunchier. You know those crystals in, like, a three-year-aged Gouda? It’s like that. I find myself asking ‘why’? ‘Why now?’ This is Swiss engineering, and Reese’s is American ingenuity. If it was a mini, in an office candy bowl scenario, I would eat the hell out of it. If it was this and a Jolly Rancher, I’m going with the Butterfinger cup. If I was a trick-or-treater, and I got a whole pack of this, I’d be stoked.”

Andrew: “I like the crystals in it, but that certainly contributes to it being more of its own thing than having anything to do with Reese’s really. I LOVE Butterfingers, but they get all up in my teeth and it’s kinda weird and gross by the end, and this gives me that flavor without having to worry about my teeth. It’s basically like going to the dentist. I also like how they suggests on the back, ‘Good to remember: one cup will leave you satisfied.’ Which is untrue.”

butterfinger peanut butter cup reese's

Ken: “Reese’s. It’s good, though, no doubt. It’s just not the same as getting the real deal.”

Jenna: “Team Reese’s. If it was an organic peanut butter cup or something like that, or this, I would go for this.”

Andrew: "Butterfinger. Now let me say, though, that I don't think they’re comparable. They’re different candies, and I prefer the Butterfinger. It’s certainly not a replacement for a Reese’s, or a better version of Reese’s. It’s a matter of taste, and this wins.”

Devon, Director of Communications Who Wasn't Even Part of the Test, And Walked In And Just Started Eating Stuff: “WOOOOOOOW. Wow. Wow guys. Wow. This Butterfinger one is life-changing. This is my new favorite candy. I want this over Reese’s, 100%.”

Ted: “I’ve gotta be a purist here and say Reese’s all the way."

While it put up a mighty strong showing for such a young buck, the Butterfinger got nudged out by the reigning champ, 3 votes to 2. But aside from that, I'll just tell you two things right now: they're both monumentally delicious, and do whatever you can to keep Devon away from your snacks.

Ben Robinson is Thrillist's Editorial Director, and is eagerly expecting a Fudgie the Whale cake on his birthday, and also just general other days. Follow him @BenjoRobinson.