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Burgers delivered at 87mph are the future

Published On 12/13/2013 Published On 12/13/2013

Looking to cash in on the sweet system bank tellers have been using for ages, one enterprising restaurant is in the process of installing pneumatic tubes that'll deliver burgers from the kitchen to your table. At 87 mph. It's literally fast food.

It won't be put to the test until January, when the set-up is complete, but the piping at C1 Espresso is elaborate to say the least. Tubes run all along the New Zealand restaurant's ceiling and already deliver notes to the cooks in the kitchen. Owner Sam Crofskey plans to deliver sliders in stainless steel cannisters to his customers once the thing -- which he cribbed from Futurama -- is raring to go. While C1 continues to work towards its first burger launch, check out the tubes in action via The Press's video.



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