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Can you guess these foods based on the zoomed-in cross section?

Published On 09/22/2013 Published On 09/22/2013
close-up foods

Sure, you think you know your foods... just like you thought you knew Rory Gilmore was totally gonna marry Logan before she ditched him for Jesse. Gawd! To test your intimate knowledge of the things you eat, we've cut a bunch of food in half, then taken extreme close-ups to throw you off. What are these mystery foods? Take a look... it's sometimes harder to predict than Rory's erratic behavior. I mean... Jesse? COME ON!

What could it be?: A Velveeta hot tub? Curly's gold?!

What it is: A bunch of cheese-stuffed pretzel bites.

What could it be?: A piece of trash found on the Hostel set? Something stolen from Mr. McGregor's garden?

What it is: Salamiā€¦ nature's greatest fruit.

What could it be?: That one thingā€¦ what do you call it?

What it is: Oh, that's right. A Whatchamacallit.

What could it be?: The helmet Princess Leia wore when she was pretending to be a bounty hunter? An air filter from a college dorm?

What it is: A portabello mushroom, not to be mistaken for those mushrooms you did eat in your college dorm that made you think you were Princess Leia.

What could it be?: The surface of some distant frozen planet? Liza Minnelli's CAT scan?

What it is: A ham & cheddar Hot Pocket.

What could it be:? A beehive made of jelly beans? The weirdest Greek yogurt packaging ever?

What it is: A pomegranate. And it's wonderful.

What could it be?: A bunch of ants trying to cross the Amazon? A lost Mario Kart level?

What it is: Peter Jackson A kiwi.

What could it be?: A misplaced prop from Pacific Rim? A discarded deep-fried Kleenex?

What it is: A grocery store egg roll.

What could it be?: A piece of candy your grandmother has had on her coffee table since before you were born? Your actual grandmother?

What it is: A good old-fashioned Banquet chicken pot pie.

What could it be?: An aerial photo of the world's most polluted lake? Kirstie Alley's circulatory system?

What it is: A Boston cream donut.

What could it be?: Moby Dick's mouth, the geriatric years? A decades-old cautionary poster about the virtues of safe sex?

What it is: A taquito that's been on a 7-Eleven rotisserie for 12hrs.

What could it be?: A Georgia O'Keefe painting depicting the blossoming of female sensuality? Prince's dirty sheets? Same thing?

What it is: An artichokeā€¦ so at least you got the art part right.

What could it be?: An ancient sarcophagus? The grossest hard-boiled egg ever?

What it is: An Almond Rocher.

What could it be?: Donor eggs from an Oompa Loompa fertility clinic?

What they are: Donor eggs from an Oompa Loompa fertility clinic: aka Gobstoppers.



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