This candy on the corn cob is real, and you can make it

Yes, that's candy corn on a cob. This begs a series of questions: Have we finally discovered the origin of candy corn? Does it actually taste like corn? And can we now plant Jujyfruit in our garden and grow Jujytrees? Turns out the answers are: no, maybe, and absolutely. Absolutely maybe. That one's not the point though.The cob you see is actually made from chocolate chip cookie dough by an intrepid candy horticulturalist on, and you can make it, too. After several failed experiments using fondant, caramel, and pure, unadulterated American can-do spirit to hold the candy corn kernels together, she found that cookie dough worked the best... and was the most delicious. If any of you actually try this out, definitely let us know in comments below. And watch out for gummy worms.