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Do You Love Cats? Yes? Then This Is the Egg Mold for You.

Published On 10/01/2015 Published On 10/01/2015

The Internet loves cats. They've reached peak levels of adoration, to the point where it's a dragging cliche, and you don't even want another cat on your browser again -- grumpy or otherwise.

Then something like the Cat Egg Mold from Egg Addiction comes along and the feline species totally redeems itself, bringing kitties straight out of the litter box and right into your balanced breakfast. 

As demonstrated in the video above, the egg mold is relatively self explanatory. But besides the novelty of it all, it appears to be a solid and efficient way to get your eggs sunny-side up, in perfect formation. 

Also, the mold can be used to make cat flapjacks, which is obviously a huge plus. With 42 days to go on their Kickstarter (as of right now), Egg Addiction is only a couple thousand dollars short of their $50K goal. So, you can expect to see these pussies on your plate in the very near future.

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. He apologizes for that last sentence. Follow him @wilfulton

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