World's most expensive TV dinner comes with champagne-soaked fish, edible gold

Imagine if Hungry-Man had a really rich cousin from Europe. The guy's still in the family business of frozen dinners, but he frequently wears a top hat and considers Chicken Selects completely beneath him. Imagined? Good. Then you've got UK's "Swish Pie", a TV dinner featuring lobster tails and edible gold that costs a totally reasonable £314.16 (or $514.63).

The creation of ready-made meal purveyor Charlie Bigham, this limited-edition dish contains all the billionaire essentials. You've got your salmon, scallops, turbot, oysters, and lobster tails poached in Dom Perignon. You've got your white Alba truffles. You've got your Beluga caviar. And you've obviously got your 24-carat gold leaf crumb to garnish, because parsley is for peasants.

Charlie even delivers them to you in an aluminum case that's handcuffed to a professional security guard, so no worries about the poors accidentally getting your Swish Pie.