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Cheerios Recalls 1.8 Million Boxes Of Cereal Due to Allergy Risk

Published On 10/06/2015 Published On 10/06/2015

If you despise gluten but love your Cheerios -- make sure you take a close look at your box the next time you pour a bowl. 

In an announcement released Monday, October 5th, General Mills said it has recalled upwards of 1.8 million boxes of original and Honey Nut (not Honey-Nut!) Cheerios that were produced in their Lodi, California factory due to concerns that cereal produced on certain dates can trigger severe reactions for those with gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, or celiac disease. The company addressed the recall in a decidedly 21st-century fashion, with an apology-tweet containing info on how you can tell if your box of Cheerios is one of the select recalls.

Jim Murphy, President of GM's cereal division (nice) also put out the following statement on the company's site, further detailing what went wrong: "Our Lodi production facility lost rail service for a time and our gluten-free oat flour was being off-loaded from rail cars to trucks for delivery to our facility on the dates in question....In an isolated incident involving purely human error, wheat flour was inadvertently introduced into our gluten-free oat flour system at Lodi."

As of right now, there are no reported injuries, and the situation seems to be under control. God help them if my precious Cinnamon Toast Crunch gets affected in any way. Waffle Crisp, too, for that matter.

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