Cheese is good for your health, say Canadian scientists

grilled cheese sandwiches
Joe Starkey

For those of you who were struggling with the decision of whether to turn your life around and get in shape, or to continue eating copious amounts of cheese, you're in luck! A recent study conducted by one of Quebec's leading teaching hospitals concluded that not only can eating cheese and other dairy products daily be beneficial to your metabolism and lower your blood pressure, but they also discovered that most people aren't eating enough cheese in the first place! C'mon, people!

All the subjects tested were French-Canadian adults of good health, meaning these people probably already ate a lot of cheese. And the results of the study aren't exactly a definitive conclusion on the benefits of cheese (studies of that nature are best done at home, night after night, while wearing loose-fitting pants), but they are a landmark decision on the general benefits of dairy products nonetheless.

So make sure you eat two-and-a-half servings of cheese per day, folks. Doctor's orders.

Some ways to get your cheese fix

Courtesy of our Recipes editor:

apple pie grilled cheese
Drew Swantak
pizza pot pies
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philly cheesesteak lasagna
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tater tot waffle grilled cheese
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cheetos waffles
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