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Cheeto Cannon will now blast you in the face with delicious snacks

Cheeto Canon

Way back in 1969 when man first walked on the moon, people around the globe wistfully thought, "The Cheeto cannon must be next". It's been a rough 40 years of dashed dreams and bitterness since then, but thanks to an Australian radio host, we've finally made it, baby

Zach Mander, host of the Nite Alive radio show in Brisbane, set out with the rest of the 96.5 crew to construct and test out this mind-blowing machine. Once they got the completed cannon on a roof, Mander sat right across from it and got smacked with a steady stream of Cheetos, leading us all to wonder what the hell we're doing with OUR lives

Watch the cannon in action and see if you can get a secondhand cheese puff high