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Chef and mountain man serves up food with the help of a bionic hand

Published On 09/19/2013 Published On 09/19/2013
Eduardo Garcia chef robotic hand

We're always amazed when we hear about surfers losing their arms to sharks and then hopping back on the board, mostly because if it was us, we'd be hiding in our basement, screaming at Shark Bites. The equally incredible chef and outdoorsman Eduardo Garcia lost his hand after a hunting accident, but is already back to work, whipping up gourmet dishes and foraging for ingredients in the wild through the aid of a robotic hand. Back in 2011, Garcia was already an established chef poised for TV stardom when a nasty accident left him without his left hand. He was bow hunting for elk in Montana when he was electrocuted, he believes by a stray utility company live wire. Luckily, he managed to get himself to a hospital but suffered severe burns, especially on his left hand, which was beyond saving. Today, Garcia is back in the kitchen slicing 'n dicing thanks to his new state-of-the art bionic hand. It's so advanced he can grip in 25 different ways and even use the thumb. Since he's now the coolest chef in America, he's hoping he can restart his pilot for Active Ingredient, a show focused not just on cooking but finding the stuff for your recipe in the great outdoors. Get a taste of it over here, but not before you watch Garcia's completely badass story below: KPTV - FOX 12



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