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Chip bags are so full of air, people can float on them

When it comes to excessive air in bags of chips, the current state of affairs can be a bit dismal: let's just say that President Skroob could probably use them to survive on Planet Spaceball for a few more months, at least. Since it can definitely be a bit disheartening to look into your snack bag and just get a puff of air in the face and a single handful of actual chips, a few South Korean students are looking for the humor in it all: they decided to make functional rafts out of their chip bags.

Apparently, the good, snack-eating folks of South Korea have been taking to the forums lately and complaining about "nitrogen snacks", so three college bros thought it would be fun to make something useful out of all that excess air, and prove a point in the process. Here they are paddling one of their prototypes:

Apparently, based on the success of their first model, these intrepid friends are planning on constructing a two-person model and launching it on the largest river in Korea.

An emergency rescue team will be on hand.

Adam Lapetina is a food/drink staff writer, and once got a bag with a single chip. Read his musings on Twitter at @adamlapetina.