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Chipotle Just Became an Even Better Place to Work

While we've got a few ideas for how Chipotle could make its menu and restaurant even better (seriously, just make the damn guac free already), this is something we certainly wouldn't change. 

In a huge move, the company recently announced it will expand benefits to allow all employees, not just salaried workers, sick pay, paid vacations, and tuition reimbursements beginning July 1, NRN reports.

The fine print of tuition reimbursement deal is that 90% of tuition, books, and fees up to the IRS’s cap of $5,250 per calendar year will be covered, and to qualify, students must have at least a C average at a two- or four-year accredited college or university (public or private). Still, the benefit shows that the company is fiercely dedicated to its employees' growth. Starbucks also announced its plans in April to expand employee tuition reimbursement, and it would surely benefit other fast food companies to follow suit. 

You can find out more about Chipotle's benefits on the benefit page of the company's site, and maybe start looking into a career at Chipotle. 

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