PSA: This Is the Easiest Way to Get Free Guac at Chipotle

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Hey did you know guacamole is extra at Chipotle

Chances are, you do -- as, by virtue of absorbing this sentence, I know you know how to read and have access to the Internet. At Thrillist, we spend a taxable amount of time and web-space telling you how to best Big Burrito, and land that sweet, smooth avocado, pro bono. Because beating the system just makes pinto beans taste better. 

But what you might not know (and please, if you do know, just stop reading, pat yourself on the back, and please don't comment, "Oh! Oh! I already knew this!"), there's a way to get guac on every meal, without forking over any extra money. 

All you have to do is ask!

... and also, opt to go full vegetarian. 

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PSA. Tag a vegetarian who needs to know.

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As Chipotle's Instagram account pointed out earlier in October, vegetarians (or, at least people opting to go meatless at the burrito chain -- it's not like they fact-check your overall diet) can get free guacamole on their veggie bowls, or veggie burritos. 

Again, avowed vegetarians who frequent Chipotle might already know this -- but judging by the hundreds of comments and shares on the brand's Instagram -- this "hack" might not be common knowledge. But look: You do have to sacrifice meat to get it. 

You can always do what I do. Order a veggie bowl, get the guac for free -- then go home and chop up some hot dogs and put them in there. It's the best of both worlds! Except, it's actually not. 

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