The One Order Chipotle Employees Really, Really Hate Making

Cole Saladino/Thrillist
Cole Saladino/Thrillist

Secret menus in fast-food restaurants -- by and large -- aren't really secrets, or real menus, in the first place. They're just custom orders with sexy names. But that doesn't stop customers from ordering from them, annoying the employees who have to make the items in the process.

Exhibit 1: Chipotle's quesarito -- the one item that might seriously get your friendly neighborhood burrito-maker a little pissed off at you.

Basically, the quesarito is a burrito with a cheese quesadilla as the outer wrap. It's hedonistic. It's fast-food excessive. And it's a giant pain in the ass to make. How much do Chipotle employees hate it? Check out this recent Reddit thread, asking that very question...

As you can see, this elicits responses in varying shades of "It's pretty hard, dude."

This has become such an issue, that Chipotle has actually started adding a $3.50 charge to quesarito requests -- perhaps in an effort to discourage the order.

But it doesn't seem as though people are going to stop ordering the contested dish anytime soon. In light of that, here are some tips -- from employees -- on how to go about ordering a quesarito, without facing their fast-casual scorn.

If you really want to be a hero, you can always get one (on the regular menu) at Taco Bell.

Or, you know, just make it yourself...

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