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Chipotle to Stop Selling Burritos, Will Only Sell Bowls

Burrito giant Chipotle just sent shockwaves through the fast-casual landscape with the announcement that, as of June of this year, they would no longer be selling... wait for it... FREAKING BURRITOS. Instead, they’ll offer their mostly naturally raised ingredients in bowl-form only.

Yes, you heard that correctly. The “holy s*** are you serious?” move might seem insane -- can you imagine McDonald’s, or even In-N-Out, coming out as a patty-only chain? -- but there’s a solid rationale behind it that should ring true to anyone who’s walked into a Chipotle lately: just using an eyeball test, it’s obvious that a solid majority of customers are choosing bowls over burritos.

Of course, Chipotle didn’t build a 1,700-restaurant empire with their eyeballs. They built it with cold, hard math nerdery. According to the press release, in 2014, a walloping 67% of orders were for bowls, up 15% from 2013. More surprisingly, the release states that the company spends a staggering 27% of its operating income training its employees to roll burritos -- artistry its customers are increasingly failing to appreciate.

Those numbers might not get you past your devastation, but this is happening, people, and pretty soon you’ll only have two choices: bring your own tortillas or just load up a bowl and deal with it.

You can read Chipotle's entire press release here...