Cinnabon scents trick you into eating more

Like a diabolical, mind-controlling mutant whose lair is the mall food court, Cinnabon has ways of subconsciously luring you into its grasp. Or at least using the tempting smell of sweet, sweet cinnamon rolls like a siren song to draw you in.

In a Wall Street Journal article that will surprise nobody who has ever been drawn out of a Hot Topic by the scent of Cinnabon, the sugar shack bakes rolls every 30 minutes with the intent of ensnaring you, and even warms sheets of brown sugar and cinnamon in the oven in-between rolls, just to ensure the smell doesn’t die. Cinnabons also avoid open spaces, like shopping center storefronts -- opting instead for malls and airports -- so fresh air cannot compete with its own seductive aromas.

While there are no scientific studies proving warm cinnamon smells make hordes of shoppers gorge themselves on 900-calorie rolls, we know that brisket scents can make us eat just about anything, so we believe this works.

Liz Childers is a food/drink editorial assistant at Thrillist, and is now questioning if her mom had a secret agenda when she baked Pillsbury cinnamon rolls on Saturday mornings. Follow her to childhood mysteries at @lizchilders1.