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LeBron sent his neighbors apology cupcakes for the media blitz

If you're LeBron (and you are not), having news vans outside your home 24/7 must suck. But having the ABC7 crew camped in your driveway just because you live next door to him? That must really suck.

Obviously the neighbors of the James family in Bath, Ohio have been putting up with all kinds of media attention since LeBron announced his return to the Cavs. To say sorry, King James sent over some cupcakes from his family's foundation. At least that's the word from Redditor scrabblydab, who posted his parents' loot to the Cleveland Cavs' subreddit. If it's true, props to the James clan for the gesture. But next time, they should really hand out donuts.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist. She is still waiting on apology cupcakes from her college neighbor for the Justin Bieber incident of '10. Follow her to resentment at @kristin_hunt.