While you don't always see people eating in movies and TV shows because it's gross and they have to have perfect, unattainable bodies, when it does show up, it's often in sandwich form -- just look at Miracle Max from Princess Bride, whose mutton had to be nice and lean on his MLT. Here are 15 of the most memorable.


Cliff Huxtable was all about his hoagies -- he once spent an entire episode getting interrupted from the chance to eat one, and, in another, he ate a sausage sandwich at 3a, only to dream he was pregnant with a giant hoagie, to which he rather horrifically gave birth. Elvin had a sailboat.

Paramount Television

In Wings, Nantucket tradition dictated that everyone has to eat a "big sandwich" in times of celebration. Perhaps surprisingly, this did not spawn the limerick: "There once was a man from Nantucket, with a sandwich so big he could really not eat it, and also, why doesn't Monk think all this sharing and germs is totally gross?"

King Features

Back in the Depression-hit 1930s, Dagwood gave up his vast fortune to marry then-flapper Blondie, a move that seems kinda silly since everyone knows she'll always play second fiddle to his obsession with amazingly tall sandwiches.


C'mon. We all know why Shaggy always thought he needed his massive, octuple-layered sammie. What's actually more impressive than the sandwich was how effortless he made it look to assemble, especially considering, well, why he thought he needed his massive, octuple-layered sammie. Also, where's it all go? Look at him!

Largo Entertainment

"Utah! Get me two!" Point Break was full of bank robbers, surfers, former presidents... and awesome meatball sandwiches. Maybe Gary Busey's not that crazy after all...


Homer Simpson's gigantic 10ft hoagie that he salvaged from his company picnic serves as a sort of public service announcement to always refrigerate your giant sandwiches!

Warner Bros. Television

In Friends, Joey's obsession with sandwiches wasn't quite as unhealthy as Homer's, though it tended to lead to some weird situations. Case in point: his bologna didn't have a first name, but it did take a shower with him.

Universal Pictures

Ally Sheedy's character in The Breakfast Club really only made her Pixie Stick and Cap'n Crunch sandwich as a form of rebellion, but an entire generation of kids tried making the same thing as a way of looking really sad and weird, yet cool. It didn't work.

Warner Bros.

Just as the First Lady knew Dave wasn't the real president when she realized he was packing a Dagwood himself, the audience knew he was a good dude when he started shredding carrots straight over his sandwich. Even though you should never do that.

Castle Rock Entertainment

How many sandwiches can you name that made Meg Ryan fake an orgasm in the middle of a packed deli? When Harry Met Sally... and that's about it, unfortunately.

Orion Pictures Corporation

The Twinkie Weiner Sandwich: Both Carlos Danger's snack of choice, and Weird Al's strangest frankenfood from UHF.

MGM Studios

Back To School featured one of the most awesome ways to simultaneously make a delicious-looking sandwich and piss off a bunch of snobbish folks. Just... call it The Dangerfield.

Warner Bros.

Pro tip that Clark Griswold should've known: If you're trying to impress Christie Brinkley who's dancing by her Ferrari, and you for some reason think dancing while eating a sandwich is the answer, inspect said sandwich before eating it to make sure your dog didn't confuse it for a fire hydrant.

Gracie Films

Adam Sandler as a chef in Spanglish? Yeah, weird, but if all chefs made sammies full of bacon, Jack, mayo, butter, and an egg, the world would be a much fatter, much tastier place.

Adult Swim

Well, of course Shake ate the Broodwich on Aqua Teen. It's "forged in darkness from wheat harvested in Hell's half-acre, slathered with mayonnaise from the evil eggs of a powerful dark chicken, beaten into sauce by the hands of a one-eyed madman, cheese boiled from the rancid teat of a three-headed fanged cow, layered with 666 separate meats from an animal which has maggots for blood", and it's prepared on a bed of evil. And lettuce. Which might be the same thing.



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