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Colorado has an unreal amount of fast food

Published On 08/27/2013 Published On 08/27/2013
Burger King fast food

Colorado, you sly dog. If we had to guess which state claimed all top three U.S. metro areas with the most fast food joints per resident, we might've gone with Oklahoma (since they spend so much money on Big Macs) or Alaska (because it was our favorite state in third grade). But nope, it turns out the home of the Rockies also boasts the densest drive-thru populations. A restaurant census by The NPD Group revealed that the Fort Collins-Loveland metro area boasted the most fast casual chains per resident. Though 41 spots seems low, that amounted to 13.14 fast food restos per 100,000 residents. Compare that to the national average, which is FIVE per 100,000 residents. CO didn't stop there. They also claimed the number two and three seeds with Denver-Aurora-Broomfield (12.76 density) and Boulder (12.53 density). Then we guess they felt bad for Florida and Kentucky, and let them have the rest of the top five.

The NPD Group

The NPD Group also noted that the largest city with crazy fast food density was DC (or the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-Virginia-Maryland-West Virginia metro area), which houses 5.8mil residents and hit No. 7 on the list with a 10.23 density. Still, Colorado laughs in their faces from its French fry-laden, high-altitude paradise.