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Five tasty Conan food sketches to celebrate his two decades on late night TV

Published On 09/13/2013 Published On 09/13/2013
Conan O'Brien takes Chinese food delivery order

Today marks 20 whole years of Jay Leno nemesis and Walker, Texas Ranger Lever® creator Conan O'Brien on the late night airwaves. To ring in the occasion, we grabbed five of his best food and drink-related sketches. They cover vineyards, namesake sandwiches, and, of course, apple picking with Mr. T.

Conan Gets a Sandwich at Stage Deli
Our fearless ginger leader is stoked when he finds out the famous (since shuttled) Stage Deli has named one of its numerous menu items after him. He's significantly less stoked when he discovers it's a sad soup and small salad combo. His battle with the curmudgeonly Stage guy for a better sammie is great, as is the 11th hour appearance by unofficial Conan mascot Abe Vigoda.

Jordan Schlansky's Elitist Espresso Machine
Conan's oddly hilarious associate producer Jordan Schlansky has become a big presence since the move to TBS, and it's easy to see why in this searing indictment of his coffee snobbery. Seriously, dude even corrects O'Brien on proper biscotti terminology. Catch all the condescension right here.

Conan Visits Napa Valley
Because we need that jumbo wine glass in our lives right this second.

Conan Delivers Chinese Food in NYC
On a return trip to New York, O'Brien dives right back into the city by taking a day job as a Chinese food delivery guy. He screws the pooch majorly by giving away some of the grub and accepting questionable refreshments from a lady hanging out a window.

Orchard Apple Picking with Mr. T
What else do you need to know?

Bonus NSFW Language-Laden Sketch: Wieners Circle
If you've ever been to Wieners Circle in Chicago, you know that the staff is less than polite. Which is why Conan sent the nicest guy he knew, Jack McBrayer of 30 Rock fame, to order a dog. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog also shows up, and things get wildly bleep-happy.



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