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Cookie inception! This dude baked cookie Pop-Tarts INSIDE cookie dough.

We've chronicled several of Dude Foods' masterful food mash-ups before, but after a bacon weave choco taco and The McEverything, you'd think the guy would kick back and rest on his frankenfood laurels. Not the case, as you can see from his latest invention, the Chocolate Chip Pop-Tart-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.

Nick Chipman made this cookies-on-cookies goodness by cutting circular bits out of the Pop-Tarts, sandwiching the disks between two globs of cookie dough apiece, and then sticking those suckers in the oven. So beautiful, so delicious, and so much simpler to comprehend than the actual plot of Inception. Forget those brain thieves and cook up a batch of these megacookies instead.

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