Things You Should Only Buy at Costco

Remember when you were 12 and your mom would come home from Costco with a sleeve of doughy croissants and those fat, dense muffins with never-quite-identifiable blueberry or chocolate chip chunks??? Same! Those pastries were the necessities, but a trip to the membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise is never complete without specifically seeking out the items that are cheaper there than anywhere else. With help from this Reddit thread, these are those items.

One vote for coffee!

You should buy... basically everything

Dinner and drinks

Booze in bulk

Supplements are a steal

Definitely buy the frozen broc

Frozen pizza's never been cheaper

This massive list that's been checked for cheapness

Get swole on a budget

Another vote for Costco Rwanda! 

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Carrie Dennis is a former Food and Drink editor for Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @CarrrieDennnis.