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Ridiculous recipes, plus other crazy stuff to do with the Easter treat

Published On 03/25/2013 Published On 03/25/2013

Easter means different things to different people. To Josh Hartnett it means he can finally start having sex again. But most people don't have his chiseled jawline, or at least won't for long, because they're about to go crazy on a bunch of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Now you could just peel off the foil and go to town on them. There's nothing wrong with that. But there's not much imagination in that either. So we rounded up a few friends from a little place called "The Internet" who have explored other tasty/ crazy uses for the Springtime treat. 1. The Milkshake Warning: be prepared for a significant number of boys congregating in the general vicinity of your yard. 2. Deviled Cadbury Eggs Regular deviled eggs never had enough marshmallows and coconut in them. These don't have that problem. Though this vid does have some highly questionable rapping. 3. Cadbury Egg & Bacon Crescent Rolls This recipe is crazy simple. Explaining to the grocery store clerk why you're only buying bacon, Cadbury Eggs, and crescent roll dough is not. 4. The Cadbury Cool Hand Luke Challenge If you're going to just eat a bunch of them, might as well make it a challenge and eat 50. This competitive eater actually does a bag of Oreos as a warmup. 5. The Machine Maybe you're lactose intolerant, or maybe you were just really into the game Mousetrap growing up. Either way, check out this ridiculous Cadbury-powered Rube Goldberg machine. 6. The Science Experiment And finally, if you work in a chemistry lab and haven't used up all of your free time making secret meth, there are some pretty crazy Cadbury-based experiments you can do involving liquid nitrogen and other fun toys.



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