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9 mind-boggling food facts we learned from Reddit

Published On 12/26/2013 Published On 12/26/2013

From time to time, Reddit can teach us some interesting things -- such as what a "lifetime supply" really is, or that we spend waaaay too much time on Reddit. In this case, we combed the annals of their TIL (Today I Learned) subreddit in order to find some seriously intriguing, disturbing, and downright awesome things about the foods and drinks we consume every day. Or will eat every day, in the case of petroleum jelly.


Hmm, do I want to spend my gold coins on holy water (A1) or poison hemlock (A2)? (link)

Wikipedia/Yathin S Krishnappa

Sounds like the turkeys could use a mansierre. Or some bros. (link)


Sir Robert Augustus Chesebrough (aka "Robby Jelly") apparently also recovered from a serious lung infection in his mid-50s by having a "nurse" cover him head-to-toe in Vaseline. He died in New Jersey in 1933, because, obviously. (link)


"Geoluhread" literally means "yellow-red", and was many Old English-speakers' third-favorite color after red-blue and blue-yellow. (link)


The technical name of the chemical is isoamyl acetate, or, as some no-doubt genius marketer termed it, "banana oil". It's like olive oil, except people will think you're weird for having it in your kitchen. (link)

Wikipedia/Rolf Müller

Just goes to show -- get someone enough drinks and they'll start proclaiming anything a sovereign nation. (link)

Wikipedia/Niels Bohr Institute

This one's pretty well-deserved -- the dude basically conceived the modern concept of an atom, and helped to found CERN. It also helped that he lived next door to a brewery in the first place, so... get on that, contemporary inventors! (link)


In 1897, German dude Wilhelm Krische was commissioned with creating an alternative to blackboards, and naturally came up with the idea for Galalith after a few late-night milk binges with his chemist buddy, Adolph Spitteler. Unfortunately, it was later outperformed by oil-based plastics, jugs of which now contain milk. OH, THE IRONY! (link)

Flickr/Eva Rinaldi

Good ol' Bobby chugged 1.4 liters of beer while on his Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford -- from a sconce pot, no less, which're relics of a time when punishments were meted out by ordering offenders to drink a tankard of ale. That'll teach them? (link)

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