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Punch, shoot, and screw your way to kitchen greatness

Published On 11/19/2013 Published On 11/19/2013

Here to confidently flip your parrot wine key the bird and justifiably apply the term "dangerous" to ice cubes, this stocked supply of kitchen munitions is here to shoot, screw, and explode its way into your life, and your cupboards. Stock up now while the getting is good...

Arm your pantry: 1. Kikkerland Sal N Pepi Salt and Pepper Shakers 2. Thabto Taste Explosion Salt and Pepper Shakers 3. Gama Go Screw You Corkscrew 4. Big Mouth Toys Gun Mug  5. Fred & Friends Spiked Ice Cube Tray

Thabto Taste Explosion Salt & Pepper Shakers

Prepare yourself for a barrage of "those shakers are da bomb!" observations, and then prepare your food to taste great.

Fred & Friends Fisticup Brass Knuckle Mug

Offering a perk-up instead of a knockout, throw a set of knuckledusters on your mug and you'll have the most aggressive cup of chamomile tea since ever. Because chamomile tea.

Big Mouth Toys The Mini Shooter 3 Pack Shot Glasses

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term pea shooter (but not literally, shooting peas would be weird), these shiny numbers are quick on the draw and'll be sure to pack a mighty shot.



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