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Chocolate chip cookie milk shots look delicious, will save you from washing a cup

Normally, sipping a shot is a sure sign of mental imbalance. But when that shot is milk in an edible cookie shot glass, all bets are off. Confectionery visionary Dominique Ansel -- whom you might know from his previous hits, the Cronut and frozen s'mores -- created these dessert shots for some lucky struggling musicians at SXSW this week, sharing the results on Instagram for all the world to envy. There's no word yet on any plans to bring these back to his New York bakery, but if some enterprising bartender isn't already trying to replicate this with a White Russian instead of milk, we have failed as a country.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and refuses to take any more picklebacks until these things become a bar institution. Follow her trail of cookie crumbs at @kristin_hunt.