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Giant cupcakes saved from bankruptcy, still not as good as donuts

This time last week, Crumbs shut down without warning, and everybody panicked. The more desperate among us even shelled out $255 for the chain's "last" cupcake. Well, you can power down the alarms, because perpetual business savior Marcus Lemonis and the owners of Dippin' Dots have just rescued Crumbs from the dead.

Late Friday, Lemonis and Fischer Enterprises announced a joint venture to acquire Crumbs Bake Shop and all the mammoth cupcakes that come with it. After taking care of the Crumbs bankruptcy filing, Lemonis Fischer Acquisition Company plans to form a new privately-held Crumbs company and re-open stores. But the re-born Crumbs won't be exactly the same. Its new owners plan to supplement the cupcakes with "a much improved product mix" to reach a larger fan base, which means it'll be more of a straight-up bakery and less of a boutique cupcake shop. So while Crumbs might be alive, the cupcake trend is probably still dead, and you should continue to eat those hip new donuts with wild abandon.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and hopes Crumbs 2.0 also serves Dippin' Dots. Follow her to synergy at @kristin_hunt.