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Watch These Idiots Massively Fail at Deep-Frying Turkeys

It's that special time of year. The streets go quiet. The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air... wait, no, that smell's a mix of burning propane and hot oil. And that silence is constantly broken by some jackass yelling because he just tried to deep-fry a turkey and instead nearly started a five-alarm fire on his face. Don't be that guy. But definitely laugh at him and some of his compatriots with these incredible turkey-frying fails.

"Everybody should get back... like, a lot"

Sorry, pops. Trying to fry your Christmas turkey on that nice wood deck you built wasn't the smartest move.

Short, silent, and not so sweet

Just put this vid on loop, turn on some Metallica, and watch that sucker burn.

"It's gonna be delicious"

Note: If you’re homemade turkey fryer turns into a fireball, don't throw dirt on it.

"Call 9-1-1. Now."

The best part about this video is when the guys try to drop the turkey into a pot that’s ALREADY ON FIRE.

"I guess you guys are going to be baking turkeys tomorrow"

Why in Butterball's name is everyone always barefoot in these?

More burning cluck for your buck

A very special Thanksgiving presentation.


If you’re still insane enough to give this trick a try, at least let Captain Kirk show you how it's done. If he can pilot the USS Enterprise, the man can sure as hell deep-fry a bird.

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