9 Insanely Delicious Ways to Eat Brisket

Brisket is hardly limited to the barbecue. As summer winds down and the days become cooler, start experimenting with different ways to treat this beef cut beyond simply grilling it. These nine recipes will show you how.

Cheesy jalapeño slow-cooker brisket fries

These insanely loaded fries are packed with seasoned and slow-roasted brisket, jalapeños, green onions, and two types of cheese. If you make the brisket from scratch it will take a few hours, but once the meat is done, the fries assemble in only 10 minutes. Check out the recipe here.

Brisket burgers with latke buns

Turn your brisket into tender burgers and use crispy home-cooked latkes as the buns. Top it all off with a tangy horseradish sour cream sauce. Recipe here.

Beef brisket soybean stew

Chadol dwaenjang jigae is a traditional hearty Korean stew that combines brisket, tofu, and veggies like green onions, zucchini, and Korean green chilies. As with most stews, the longer the ingredients sit together, the more flavor will develop. Get the recipe here.

Beef brisket with Dr Pepper BBQ sauce

The best part about this recipe is that Dr Pepper soda gets added to both the brisket marinade and the homemade BBQ sauce. Learn the recipe here.

Spicy Vietnamese lemongrass noodle soup

Bun bo Hue, a Vietnamese noodle soup, starts with a hearty bone broth made from beef, oxtail, and pork bones, plus the brisket -- at least until it's removed and held aside until its glorious return a few hours later. Lemongrass, shrimp paste, and other aromatics round out the flavors. This recipe is a bit of a project, but so, so worth it.

Slow-cooker smokehouse brisket

With only five ingredients, this is one of the easiest recipes on this list and in life. Just throw it all into the pot and let the slow cooker do its thing. Recipe here.

Corned beef brisket- and kale slaw-stuffed French toast

Here's a twist on the classic Reuben. The star of the sandwich is the slow-cooked, stout beer-braised brisket, but the jalapeño kale slaw adds the right amount of heat and crunch to balance the rich meat and cheddar cheese. And, oh yeah, it's all sandwiched between two slices of French toast. Check out the recipe right here.

Cold Korean noodles

Mul naengmyeon is a cold soup that consists of buckwheat noodles and slices of brisket that have been simmered the night before with vibrant ingredients like ginger, green onions, and kombu (edible kelp). Serve it with Asian pear and a seven-minute egg. Get the recipe here.

Smoked brisket-stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers are a summer grill staple, but rather than defaulting to dry ground turkey or bland ground beef, opt for smoked brisket. Don't forget the layer of provolone! Get the recipe here.

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Sophie Hays is a freelance writer from New York City, where she can be found searching for the next great plate of homemade pasta or recipe testing in her tiny kitchen. Follow her on Twitter @SophieHays_.